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Femme Fatale

"Warhol" by Victor Bockris is probably my favourite book (and author) of the era that Edie was so much a part of. This was the book I read at age 15 that made me aware of who Edie was. It was the following descriptions of Edie that made me curious about her:

"The film producer Lester Persky promoted a young Boston Brahmin, Edith Minturn Sedgwick for the position (Vinyl) as early as January 1965 when he introduced her to Andy at his apartment. Andy was intrigued after taking one look at Edie because, as he said, 'I could see she had more problems than anybody I'd ever met,' but they did not get together until March when she had begun coming by the Factory regularly with her escort Chuck Wein ...

Her features slight and symmetrical with no outstanding facial bone structure, were brightened by the vivid  and penetrating eyes, full of small timidities, which recorded perhaps the shock that too great an honesty expects from life. Most of her wardrobe consisted of shirts with tails hanging out and leotards. She knew how to wear them with a style and grace unacheived by anyone else. She liked to wear large earrings. She applied a great deal of make-up before going out. When she spoke she made sense. She could not be a fool or be made to look foolish.

The kind of activity you'd read about in a book by F Scott Fitzgerald. One would never dream it could still happen. Edie made it happen. She added something to the ambiance of every public place or private home she entered. She was an archetype.

Edie was not career-orientated at the time she met Andy. Edie was a blue blood. She had no active goals other than to enjoy herself to the fullest. She could be very easily moulded. She had the one ingredient essential to become a star - glamour. Glamour is aura. The person who possesses  aura becomes beautiful. Andy was deeply fascinated with glamour on this level. He had an eye for it.

Andy saw her as the girl in the mirror. Like him, she craved love, but because of a love-hate relationship with her father and the recent suicides of her two brothers, she was unable to feel anything and acted as if she didn't care about anybody. Apart from her car, fur coats, credit cards, her husky little girl's voice that always sounded as if she had just stopped crying, and her huge eyes that somebody described as being the colour of twice frozen over Hershey bars, Edie had, as Warhol wrote, 'a poignantly vacant, vunerable quality that made her a reflection of everybody's private fantasies. Edie could be anything you wanted her to be ... She was a wonderful, beautiful blank.'

The chapter  titled Femme Fatale charts the Andy and Edie story and the above are just a few of the paragraphs that paint a picture of Edie. Since photographs are too controversial at the moment I though it would be different to use the spoken word to paint a picture of what Edie was like.

Are there any particular descriptions of Edie that anyone here has read that really captivated them? I love the part above where her eye colour was described as 'twice frozen over Hershey bars'.

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