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...In all places of the world...the little bead shop that i work at next to Java City in Sacramento California...guess who walks in to the bead shop...?

Let me start at the begining this lady came in to the bead shop and when it came time to ring her up...I noticed her last name was sedgwick (it said on her cretid card)...and this was an older lady (not to old) but in her 60's maybe 50's...and I just chuckled (making polit conversation) if she by any chance was related to Edie Sedgwick? And she gave me this big grin, she said yes, and said she was her cousin. and when i looked at her closer i could see a little Edie look a like, and she had the same eyes. But anyways she was telling me how everyone always askes her if she related to some famous guys wife (I forgot the name sorry) and said i was the first to ask about Edie.

To try and make this a short story, we ended up talking at the registar for about 10mins. And she was younger then Edie, and she told me all about how she heard stories about Edie when she was growing up. I was so excited...I thought I would just share. It really made my day. (Dorky I know)
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